co-regulation for deeper intimacy
Whether we’re single or seeking deeper intimacy within our current relationship, our work in creating HEALTHY BLACK LOVE is slowing down enough to understand our own nervous systems. When we understand our nervous systems we can soothe ourselves when the anxiety is lit. Understanding our nervous system looks like learning the triggers for our shame and knowing when it’s time to rest rather than do professional or emotional work. The more we get clear about this, the easier is it is to communicate our needs to our future or current partners. When we can communicate our needs to feel safer and more relaxed, we can create a container that nourishes us. We create structures for growth and reciprocity. For men, can we be grounded enough that a woman’s body feels safe to surrender to us? What can we communicate to establish more trust so that our current or future partners allow us to lead? Do you know how to communicate when you’d like to be in your feminine more and rest? (We can’t wear the cape all the time). For women, the invitation is can you trust the masculine to hold you as you let your heart unravel in a messy and chaotic way without it looking right? Do you have space to lead or are you leading too much? This is more practically what it looks like to be in a relationship where we can co-regulate our nervous systems. We give space for the masculine and feminine to dance and balance within our bodies. In this 30 min interactive talk on THE VILLAGE!, I offer vulnerability, practical practices, and wisdom on how we can call that sacred union more into our lives.
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