why men don't lead
On this new 36 min interactive talk why men don’t lead, I share a generational pain that is plaguing Black men right now… the mother-son emotional wound. Black men are struggling with leading emotionally because we’re afraid to let the sword and shield down. We’ve forgotten how to soften in a healthy way because of the lack of emotionally present fathers. We’ve also forgotten our role as the protector of the village and vulnerable - women and children. These times are inviting not only a return of the healthy masculine but also a return of the healthy father archetype. In this journey, we , as men, must get real about the ways in which our own mothers were not emotionally present for us. I get vulnerable about this in the talk and also share ways to heal that wound. When we heal our relationship to our mothers, we heal the feminine wound within us and reclaim our masculinity. Since I know most of the village is Black women, I also offer a fresh perspective in what is needed for Black boys/men to have healthy psychological and emotional development.
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